Life & … Social Distancing- Volume 1


I title this entry Volume 1 as I imagine I will have more to write about as we navigate this never before time in our lives and world.  Nevertheless, I thought I would start this madness with something positive that I experienced. I know it is hard  to be at home, away from work, isolated, losing financial welfare, stressed about this-that-and-everything, to varying degrees.  But under the heaviness of this weighted blanket of emotional eruption I had the most amazing night with my children.  

At 18 and 20 my girls very rarely read for fun. They are both typically busy schooling and reading the mandated assignments.  However, I had a thought that I would start reading picture books to my students over the next few weeks in an effort to stay connected to my elementary kiddos.  I piled all my girl’s old picture books on the coffee table in anticipation of sorting the ones I would start reading to my students. Not long after, my girl’s came and sat down with me in the living room slowly picking up the books, squealing with delight or coo-ing with nostalgia,  remembering each story.

I shared my idea of virtually reading  to my students and they quickly jumped on board wanting to participate, too.  Addison, home from college, has online classes for the rest of her academic year but huge chunks of free time so she wanted something else to do.  Delaney still unsure what the next 6 weeks (+) of her senior year of high school might look agreed that this could be a fun project.

Suddenly, I was sitting across from them as they took turns reading these picture books that I read to them when they were younger.  They did the voices, they played some characters just like I had years ago, they added their own spin and enthusiasm to characters. I  was the audience. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! We laughed so hard, we cried. We recalled events and times around each book, trying to remember who gave them these stories of their childhood.  Each girl shared their favorite and I was in heaven. 

I highly recommend this no matter what age your child is.  It was an experience that I never knew I was missing but I will be a memory I never forget.  They were pure perfection to my mother heart and soul. As I sat watching them with complete adoration, I was impressed with their poise and self-assuredness.  I had that “Father of the Bride” moment when I imagined them as their little girl selves, The reality is different; they are both such amazing women , no longer little girls.  My daughters are strong individuals, filled with light and dark, love and kindness, and I am so very lucky to know and love them deeply.  

It was just us.  No friends, no phones, no distractions… and it was fantastic.

I understand that this COVID-19 quarantine is hard, devastating, uncomfortable, aggravating etc. … I am not naive to that but there is beauty in this chaos.  If you have a moment to lift the weight of distress and peak at the creativity that is near, try it, you too might be amazed at the power of social distancing.

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